Crystals & Crystal Healing Course, Part 1 – Introduction Level – A 2 day course


This is a 2 day course and all crystals required for use in the course will be available for use. The course is designed to give you a greater understanding of crystals, how they work and how to use them for healing and in your everyday life.

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Part 1 syllabus includes:
• an introduction to crystals, what they are and how they work
• selecting and identifying crystals
• how pendulums work and how to dowse, dowsing for crystals
• cleansing crystals, protection and grounding
• crystal healing, what is it and how does it work
• working with energy
• sensing the aura and energy fields
• Chakras, what are they and how do they work
• Crystal healing chakra layout
• Crystal healing full body layout; and bringing it all together
• Crystal balls and working with Crystal meditation